dropDescarte concluded that literally everything was open to doubt. It may, at first, seem silly, but really,…how can we say for certain that we know anything for sure? Opinions can be strong—even militant—over certain ideas. Yet, with just as much fervency there are as many others who oppose. Given practically any topic, there will be a wide disparity in points-of view concerning that topic. The conflict emerges, really, over the question of “truth.” What is truth?

Many have concluded, given the conflict and the uncertainty—that there is no such thing as truth—or that, even if there were, we would have no way of knowing it.

Al Yankovic (one of my favorite philosophers) comically sang, “Every thing you know is wrong.”  I get a kick out of the absurdity of…

“Everything you know is wrong
Black is white up is down and short is long
And everything you used to think was so important
Doesn’t really matter anymore
Because the simple fact remains that
Everything you know is wrong…”

Given the differences we all have, it’s doubtless that were the truth incontrovertibly established a lot of people would be surprised (if not all of us) by how little we really knew, and how badly wrong we were about some things.

If we think reason will bring us to truth, there is scant evidence of that. Religious belief is literally “all over the map” regarding what is true. Education will lead us only to learn things others have learned and are passing on to us—which may or may not be true at all.

Then there are those who satisfy themselves with the notion that lots of things are true and what really matters is “what is true for you.” The suggestion here, of course, is that truth is not absolute and applicable to all—rather truth is relative only to the individual. Kinda like “corned beef is delicious!” a statement of “my” truth to which many others will not concur.  Somehow, though, we did sit down and agree to go when the light turns green and require people to stop when it’s red. We set aside the relativism in that case at least so we could safely drive our cars.

JesusBirthI know that I don’t know much. However, I have become convinced of something nevertheless. I have come to believe that the Bible is true and that even though interpreting it is sometimes difficult—it is not impossible, and it’s well worth the effort. I’m more and more amazed by how what it says bears out in real life. How prophecies spoken hundreds of years ago come to pass today. How, for instance, the Bible would tell of a star that men saw in the east, a portent of the birth of a king. How, from where they were they could see the king star Regulus and king planet Jupiter brightly meeting in the sky at the foot of the constellation Leo. A rendezvous set into clockwork motion from the very beginning of this solar system. www.bethlehemstar.net.

It seems to me that a God who would claim to love us, would also speak to us. It seems reasonable, furthermore, that were He to speak He would speak truly. I believe He has.

One of the things He says to us is that “there is a way that seems right to us” —but it’s not, it doesn’t end well. He tells us that the so-called “wisdom” of men is foolishness to Him. Could it be that so much of what we come to believe will be found to be a lie? God doesn’t want us to believe lies. He tells us the truth. He IS the truth. That truth has dwelt among us and provided for us. My money’s on God and the reliability of His word. That’s why I fully intend to have—and wish with all my heart for you—a very Merry Christmas!


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