I’ve let myself go! It’s just days until the Midsummer Night’s 5K Run in Lexington, Kentucky. For our family it’s an annual tradition, followed by ice cream at Coldstone. My wife is of course, all set to go—never breaking stride with her exercise, fitness and good nutrition (Well,… almost never 😉 ) As for me, I haven’t run consistently since, like, January, when my knees began to give me trouble.

But away with excuses! I really want to be there again this year—and not as the photographer. The teenagers have already “thrown down the gauntlet” that they intend to embarrass their ancient parents with their faster times. Yeah, well,…maybe,…but you have this one enormous advantage: An average age of 16. So there.

So anyway, I’m out there attempting to run this morning and I had a “perception” I want to share with you. I had only managed a paltry 1.5 sweaty, hyperventilating miles when I was giving serious consideration to reducing the pace a bit (Perhaps to a dead stop?). As it happened, though, I saw, to my left, approaching from the opposite corner, a neighbor and friend out for her run. We greeted one another at the corner, and to my surprise she turned round and came alongside me headed in my direction, with the words—”I’ll run with you,…there’s dogs up there.”

The whole "sixpack" a few years back after our run

The whole “sixpack” a few years back after our run

So we passed a few moments together “catching up”. I gaspingly tried to hold up my end of the conversation till we parted at the stop sign. She was in much better shape, out training for a half-marathon.

Before I dragged myself back into our driveway, a pleasant thought occurred to me. My neighbor and I were out after the same goal, but on different courses. We were unalike in how far we could go and our stamina for the effort. We both had our liabilities—she an apprehension of dogs, and me an apprehension of dropping dead. Going along together was good for both of us. I actually finished the run. She got past the dogs. And we both had the brief blessing of the company of friends.

Now there’s a life metaphor for  ya!

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