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In the middle of the Caribbean, on top of a mountain, we gazed at the place God had sent us. We had climbed to about 3,800 ft. Yet we could faintly hear the sounds of the moto traffic on the narrow streets in the distance. Felt like you were closer to God up there. But God’s view of Jarabacoa is not aerial. It is not distant. His view of the places is defined in the faces. He loved the World enough to redeem the people living there. Like some of our neighbors who live in an unfinished building visible from our home—with no light, or water, or doors and windows. People who would love to have a job in the local supermercado where they would work for 6-7 days a week for perhaps the equivalent of $25. What can one man do?

They call this home

They call this home

It reminds me of the man who walked down the beach where hundreds of starfish were washed up and baking in the sun. He stooped from time to time and flung a fortunate one back out to sea. A man approached him and asked why he engaged in such futility. He remarked that with so many there dying in the sun, what did it matter? As the man threw one more back out to sea he turned and replied, “It mattered to that one.” Pray for us to know how we can make a difference here to the particular ones God leads us to. Not everybody is this destitute, but all of us desperately need God!

We have come to this place in the Name of the One Who has redeemed us and it is you who have made it possible! Thank you for your faithfulness and love. We pray for you and we depend on you to keep holding the rope.

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