Two Crowns

Some years ago I saw this image in my mind and tried to make my pencil record it. I had been reading in the Epistle to Philippi, where it’s recorded that the Messiah laid all self-concern aside to do what He was born to do. The suffering this love required included a crown of needle sharp thorns thrust into His scalp. It was utterly humiliating and painful and was all endured and overcome in love. Because of this accomplishment, we’re told, The Most High raised Him up,…to the highest splendor.

Two Crowns - The Tee Shirt

Amazingly, though, the passage then spells out that we are to follow in that same kind of “attitude.” Preferring others and the will of a wonderful God, we too are called to empty ourselves of vain and selfish attitude and pursuit. As we do, we experience more and more of the God we were formerly ignorant of. At last we will be like Him.

The Bible says that God is actually opposed to the proud, but that He is attracted to humility. If we will humble ourselves before Him in this life we will be honored by him both in this life and in all the living to come. If we are humble, He will lift us up.

“But we see Jesus,…now crowned with glory and honor because he suffered death, so that by the grace of God He might  taste death for everyone.”  Hebrews 2:9