Upon our return from the cemetery I saw these flowers in a new light. We gathered them from among those tokens left at our father’s graveside. How I missed him! And, after three years, how I miss him still!

These flowers have long since faded. But for this brief moment in time, they were like a living stained glass window. The sun shown through and infused and illuminated every color and hue. I thought, then, how much these passing and brief and beautiful things are made the more glorious in the right light. Seems an appropriate metaphor for my father’s life.

This Prismacolor pencil drawing has sat unfinished for 3 years. Please feel free to bug the life out of me till I complete it. (If you prefer you can simply encourage me.) I’ll share with you the process and, of course, the finished product.

Until we all are finished and completed works of art!