dropBack in the stone age when I was going to school we used to have these little contests at school known as Spelling Bees. Periodically we would even be tested (gasp!) to see if we could spell stuff. My sophomore English teacher (who in a previous career may have been a member of the Gestapo) would mark my answer wrong if I misspelled what I wrote. Heck, she’d even mark it incorrect if you failed to dot your “i” or cross your “t.”

Fortunately for all of us, we now live in the (Post)modern era and we no longer have need of such archaic and useless pastimes. Now we have the little miracle called “spell-checker” which completely eliminates the need to spell anything.  Nwo sceince hes prevod thit yew den’t niid too splle thigs corictly two bea undnestode. And now, of course, we know that it would be insensitive and callous to actually expect anybody to spell actual words.

Welcome to the age of sensitivity, understanding and enlightenment!

In the spirit of the celebration I submit a photo tribute to our collective achievement.…

I give you,… “Rodecide Retale”  Please notice what is being “markited”. “You’re selling WHAT?!”

Rodecide Retale

Rodecide Retale

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