packportraitI have finally broken down. I’ve folded under the pressure. I’ve been told: “You need to write about these things!” Resistance is futile. So here I am.

In the olden days they used to write things with paper and pen. Thus “the pen” in communication of ideas became a powerful tool. For some their pen was indeed “mightier than the sword.”

I can’t claim to wield such force in my writing. It does seem therapeutic though, to think things through and write them down. The range of these things may be broad, but I want to limit myself to matters that I believe matter and to talk with you about my own journey and the creative processes I get involved in.

My purpose here is to have some company with me in the creative process—to invite you to join me as persons-in-the-making. I want to tell you what I’m thinking and hear what you’re thinking. I want to show you how “the project” is coming along and get some of your helpful feedback.

Then again, I might just spontaneously blather on about something entirely random.
I hope you enjoy my little installments and share your thoughts with me. “Pack’s Pen” seemed like a decent enough name for this little enterprise. …and after all, the domain name was available,…so, what the heck.